ART Roundup

Artwork is something that can help people during the healing process as they are dealing with infertility. It is a way for people to get their anger and frustration out and take control over something in their lives again. Below is some of the powerful and emotional artwork that we have posted throughout the weeks.

Fertility Tornado: By Kristin Phasavath. This fertility tornado is a representation of what it feels like when you are swept up in anything fertility related. This fertility nurse is surrounded by this tornado every day and painting this was a way for her to release her frustrations. After gong through fertility treatment herself, she hopes that this painting will help connect many of her fertility comrades.fertility-tornado_webMy Time’s Running Out: By Andrea Diamond. This work of art is really a mention of how infertility can make you feel, both on the inside and outside. Barbie, who is society’s representation of true feminine beauty is ageless, while we all change and grow. Andrea feels that as she grows older the decline of her internal organs is represented in her physical appearance as well. This Barbie doll was an outlet for Andrea’s anger as she went through secondary time's running out.2jpg

Untitled: By Abigail Glass. Abigail was on her second round of IVF when she had an orientation for an adoption agency. It took 9 months before they brought their son from Guatemala home. This piece represents her story and about 100 needles used on her fertility journey, which happens to be a small amount compared to over the years.

Infertility Box: By Sarah Clark Davis. This box has been a massive comfort for Sarah over the years. It has say on her bureau for a long time to remind her not to let infertility take over her life. The inside of the box was a way for her to let out her rage over the fertility treatment process. The quote by Michael J. Fox has really spoken to her throughout her treatment and has stayed with her so she wanted to make it part of the box as well.infertility boxSon-flower: By Shaelene Clark. This painting is something Shaelene spent a lot of time and emotion trying to complete. The broken pot is a representation of how Shaelene feels, broken but still trying to hold itself together. Through her 8 years of infertility she has had multiple miscarriages, which is represented in the dying flowers. After many years of trying, she was finally able to get her beautiful son-flower and the triumph of having a child after a rough delivery.Son-flowerInconceivable: By Aine Quimby. Aine was in her mid-twenties when she was told she was infertile. Through fertility treatments and miscarriages her body felt completely vulnerable and exposed. She poured all of her isolation and grief into this painting. She has connected with many people over the years who have had similar experiences and that has helped her express her feelings with people who can better understand the struggles.Inconcievable

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